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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chapter 28 Released

ROWAN – PhaeThorn
LIA- Sophie Neveu
INNKEEPER (RUFUS) - R. Douglas Barbieri
GLORIA NAYDLE: Fiona Thraille
MAN1 (PHELAN): Nephod
MIRA - Randi Anderson

SYNOPSIS: The four captives (Lia, Rowan, Siegfried, and Daylat) return to find the backup of Lia’s men and then are introduced to Mira (Randi Anderson). Daylat also finds the company of Gloria Naydle (Fiona Thraille) who was the seamstress of the tapestries at Feyris Castle.

Music: Kevin MacLeod - Noble Race
Kevin MacLeod - Myst
Kevin MacLeod - Folk Round
Mandolinlady - Packingtons Pound (Traditional) - Collab with Multimike
Kevin MacLeod - Achaidhe Cheide
Kevin MacLeod - Miris Magic Dance
Kevin MacLeod - To The Ends

Time: 17:58

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