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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chapter 20 Released - And a side note

CAST for Chapter 20:

LIA - Sophie Neveu
TAYLA - Mippa
EMTEH - Mary Bruhand

Tayla and Lia discuss the reliability of Emteh. Meanwhile Emteh is scheming for herself and reveals her motives to Lia.

Deyo - Una Limosnita po el Amor de Dios

LENGTH: 6:11 minutes

Side Note:
Why are some of my chapters so short?
How long do you want to wait for things to get released? I am publishing the chapters as they are in the book, and there are times when they need to be short. If I combined the chapters the flow wouldn't be as natural and you would have to wait longer for releases. The first two Books have relatively short chapters and in addition - they are also more of the incline up to the rest. Book 3 is more of a middle point, and significantly longer than the rest. Book 4 is the same and things are surmounting. The rest is full of action and mystery....stay tuned!


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