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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chapter 21 and Other News

CAST for Chapter 21:

NARRATOR: R. Douglas Barbieri
INNKEEPER: R. Douglas Barbieri
LUCIEN: R. Douglas Barbieri
ROWAN: PhaeThorn
MIRA: Randi Anderson
PHELAN: Nathan Barrass
JULIA: Mippa
GLORIA: Fiona Thraille

Mira helps Siegfried and Rowan start acting like women rather then men as Mira helps them with their disguise. When Mira gets hit on by one of Rowan's men (Phelan), she gets furious and talks to him. Then they go throughout the town to get more tools to make their disguises more accurate.

The Brothers Femme - RainWalk
Kevin MacLeod - Majestic Hills
Deyo - Bachesque
Kevin MacLeod - Water Prelude

LENGTH: 23:07 minutes


Cast interviews will begin next week with the release of PhaeThorn's. PhaeThorn plays Rowan and will be discussing his acting background and other tidbits of interesting information. Interviews will commence until the release of Book 3, releasing in June.

I will having an open casting call starting next week with available parts thus far. Casting will be open until the end of May, 2008. Parts will be available for Book 3 and carry-over characters for Book 4.


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