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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lady From Day - Book 3 - Chapter 26 Released!

Sophie Neveu as Lia
JauntyHat as Siegfried
PhaeThorn as Rowan
Mippa as Tayla
Laura Fedora as Koork
Jonathan Dolnier as Russket
Mary Bruhand as Emteh

Kevin MacLeod - Gagool
Kevin MacLeod - Infados
Kevin MacLeod - Mourning Song
Kevin MacLeod - Long Note One

LENGTH: 17:27 minutes

Lia shows the ice cellar tunnel entrance to Rowan and Siegfried while Daylat (Tayla to the gorlags) makes a cake that the gorlags will never forget for their great feast to honor the capture of the two Chalosians (Rowan and Siegfried who are disguised as women).


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