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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chapter 19 is Released...Summer Vacation

Chapter 19

Direct Download:


NARRATOR: R. Douglas Barbieri
ROWAN: PhaeThorn
MIRA: Randi Anderson
GLORIA NAYDLE: Fiona Thraille

Mira takes Siegfried and Rowan shopping for women's clothes and so they come up with a story to make it sound like the clothes aren't for them. The meet up with Gloria Naydle, Moir Awin's seamstress and she's a very large cockney lovable woman.

Summer Vacation
So after Book 2 is completed in April, I will be letting the actors have a little summer vacation (for 2 months). In the meantime, Lady From Day will be continuing will podcast interviews from me to the actors. If you are interested in asking the actors questions, please address them to so I can use them in the interviews.



Blogger Randi said...

Fiona sounds wonderful!!! Everything else did, as well... I just really noticed her voice acting. Love the voice. I also liked Jaunty's lines in this one. And the really calming background sound. ^__^

March 13, 2008 9:43 PM  

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