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Friday, December 7, 2007

Latest Updates

Well, first off we have new cast members! I am scouting right now since there aren't really enough new parts to do a casting call. I have replaced myself as Gloria Naydle in Book 2 with Fiona Thraille, who has been kind enough to do the part. She will also sound more authentic. I've started to look out for people for Book 3 (there are only 3 new characters so far as I'm still writing it). I was chatting with a new fan (she found it from my posting on BrokenSea Audio's Yahoo group) and asked her to do some lines for me since she was wondering about when I'd be holding auditions for Book 3. What she does in real-life is exactly the same as the character I developed. So welcome Alexa Chipman as Nessa!

I will be releasing Chapter 12 (the last chapter in Book 1) hopefully before Christmas. I'm waiting on PhaeThorn's lines but that's ok because the official deadline isn't until January 1. I will also be releasing another audio commentary at that time. If you have any questions you would like answered on there, please post a question!


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